About the Book

Nov 2007

A book for adults and mature teens, a book that reveals the cyberground of the Otherkin people, who walk among us.

Otherkin Awakening is a real exposé on the Otherkin scene and its members.

The book goes well beyond the bounds of fiction to really investigate the counter-culture and spirituality of people who consider themselves not to be human.

Otherkin Awakening follows Anya and her friend Marc as she discovers her own Otherness and her Kintype, along with some unexpected psionic talents and some heavy responsibilities. Otherkin politics are just getting started, and the four great Houses have some very different ideas...

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Download the First Chapter

Dec 2007

Free PDF document for your consideration. Contact the author directly and let him know your thoughts.

Get to know Anya, Marc (and his hunky mentor, 'Van') right away by downloading the first chapter of Otherkin Awakening, totally free, no catch.

PDFOtherkin Awakening - First Chapter [PDF; 450KB]

Right-click the link above and select 'Save Target As...' or just click as normal and open it directly. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this PDF file, get Acrobat Reader free now.



Completion Web PageCompletion Progress

Where are the other chapters? Well, if you'd like to track the progress of Otherkin Awakening, please check the chart, which is updated daily. Otherkin Awakening tends to creep forward 4% each and every day.

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Buy the Book

Jan 2007

Buy Otherkin Awakening as a PDF now, and get reading immediately, or...

Otherkin Awakening Book Cover ConceptOtherkin Awakening will soon be available as a PDF download, so you can enjoy the entire novel electronically, or printed out.

Soon, we hope to present Otherkin Awakening as a real-life book, and you'll be able to order it from us directly.

Publishers and distributors interested in Otherkin Awakening for any reason should contact the author directly.


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A Short Excerpt

Nov 2007

Follow Anya as she suffers a dreadful job interview and discovers something weird about herself.

“You understand,” said Brian Shingle, chipping in for the first time in thirty minutes, “that we’re looking for someone to expand the role and move the team forward; how might you go about such a feat?”

Anya took a quiet breath and tried to organise her thoughts, but she began to feel the pressure with the three of them sat staring at her, waiting for her to perform. The room was a dump, not big enough for any of the regular team meetings – it felt like a police interview room, bare and neglected.

Actually, it was quite cool in here, draughty even. Anya shifted with discomfort as her spine stretched and her abdomen clenched. The seconds were stretching out; the three stooges in front of her seemed frozen in a state of mild disdain. Her eyes scanned around looking for inspiration, but the room only echoed the engulfing blankness. Her breathing quickened in her tight chest and she felt a little light, somewhat distant. Echoes of nothing found her ears, and her eyes sought out the wisps of hair on Brian’s and then Monica’s cheeks, her eyes grew narrow and then wider as they took in the colours that were streaming from each hair, contour and line on their faces.

Wisps, smoke-like trails of translucent colour streams surrounded the three managers, each had their own signature shapes and hues; Monica had a dull glow with dark yellow and brown eddies whirling up from around her midriff; Brian was surrounded by subtle shades of lavender and blue, while James Fenton was the centre of a nimbus of electric blue just hovering over a deep dark red outline, close to his body’s outline.


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Contact the Author

Nov 2007

Speak to the man himself; you can call him 'Wedge'.

Email: Wedge@otherkin.org.uk

Phone: 079 50705 258 (UK) [Please do not text]

This website: www.otherkin.org.uk

Otherkin community website: http://otherkin.kilobox.net

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